I am hoping that someone can tell me that the following will either work or is a bad idea.

My goal is to have three speakers in a triangle set up for a center chanel with greater watts per chanel. I am trying to connect a Yamaha rxv661 to an audiosource amp300 and then to an LSiC plus a pair of LSi9's.

The rxv661 has a presence option where the 9's complement the center, or create a virtual center sound coming from the middle of the TV.

It appears that the only way to make this work is to run the 9's from the rxv661 through the amp via speaker level since there is no RCA connection for the optional/presence setting from the receiver.

The center chanel would come from the rxv661 via an RCA to the amp. and the amp would drive all three speakers with the speakers A and B switched on.

Is there any reason that this may be a bad idea.