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    Default How to hook up my 2 diff independance subs to one amp

    I got two subs from a buddy,
    one is a dvc 4-ohm
    one is a dvc 2-ohm

    My amp has hookups for two subs and state that they must be at min 2-ohm.

    So can I wire them both up the DVC4 would be 2-ohm and the DVC2 would be 4-ohm so what load would I be presenting my amp?


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    DVC-2 = 2 ohm speaker with dual voice coils
    DVC-4 = 4 ohm speaker with dual voice coils

    DVC-2 in series will make a 4 ohm load
    DVC-4 in parallel will make a 2 ohm load

    Then -

    both together in parallel will make a 3 ohm load

    Since your amp will handle anything over 2 ohms - you should be good.
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    One sub will use more of the power from the amp than the other, the one with lower resistance is likely to work harder than the other thus providing more output due to less resistance of the coils...

    Your sound will be off with that configuration.

    Sure the amp will see one resistance but how the power gets divided between the two subs is where issues come in to play.

    One may use 100w the other 50watts(if a 150watt amp)

    Remember electricity follows the path of least resistance.

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    Default want to get polk subwoofer/amp setup

    I like the Sr series 12" polks, i either want to hook 1-12" speaker with amp or 2-12" speaker with amp. The Mono block pa600.1 amp seems nice but what would my configurations be since the the max watts are at 10hm stabe and the speaker are 4ohm dvc? Any suggestions? looking for a custom setup, i will be building a sub box with slot ports for the subs. what would be the diagram for the subs to be able to connect to a 1 0hm setting on the amp?

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    A pair of 4 ohm DVC subs wired in parallel would be a 1 ohm load.

    I know there is a big X thru this diagram, but thats for the C500.1. Its not stable down to 1 ohm where the new PA amps are.
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