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Thread: DIY Power cords

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    Default DIY Power cords

    I was going to build some basic poor mans power cords to replace the stock cords. I still have to do some research and reading in the forums, but hopefully this is a quick and easy question:

    I was thinking about using the bulk 600v rated cable at Home Depot. I am not sure if I should use 14awg-3c or 12awg-3c (stranded). I expect to be using these on my amps and AVR. They will be connected to a 20a outlet, but the devices themselves are rated 15amps adn are not likey to pull a full 15 amps.

    So should I stick with the 14awg for the smaller cable profile? Or go 12 or even 10 to have the copper headroom? Will going too large a gauge detract from performance?

    What length should I use, or should I say, what should my max length be? I was thinking about 8' or 10' each or should I try to keep it as short as possible? I don't know how long I need yet so I wanted to be sure they were long enough.

    Lastly-is the Home Depot bulk AC wire good enough (about $1.21/ft) or should I look into something better (although still reasonbly cost effective). I think the HD cable is Carol Cable.

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    From what I remember the Carol cable is what Signal Cable Magic power cord is made out of. Last time I thought of doing this the cost of the IEC and plug connectors plus the cable it was pretty close in price to just buying one from Signal Cable.

    If you want cheap power cord replacements buy the Volex 17604 from the link below. Less than $10 a piece for a shielded 14 awg cord.
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