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    Default speakers not working

    my front left and surround left speakers arent working, i have a yamaha rxv1700 and when i do test tone they all test fine but when i go to listen to music or watch a movie the left speakers dont work at all, i reset the reciever and it didnt help at all, any suggestions?
    reciever-Yamaha rxv1700
    rear surrounds-RM30
    velodyne minivee
    playstation 3

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    Do you get sound from the front left speaker if you select the Tuner and listen to some FM?
    Speakers: Polk LSi15
    Pre: Adcom GFP-750 with HT Bypass
    Amp: Pass Labs X-150
    CD/DVD Player: Classe CDP-10
    Interconnects: MIT Shortgun S3 Pro XLR
    Speaker cables: MIT MH-750 bi-wire
    TT:Micro Seiki DD-35
    Cartridge:Denon DL-160
    Phono Pre:PS Audio GCPH

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    Where I would start is switch L/R and see if the Left speaker will work in the Right channel, fronts and surrounds. Try that then re-post.
    Thanks, Jeff...

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