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    Default PSW-120 not turning on


    I have had my PSW-120 sub for many years. It has slowly been fading in performance. I already replaced the woofer but the problem that had a long time ago has now got much worse.

    When I turn on my amp, it turns on the sub like it is suppose to. But in order for me to get it to start putting out sound, I have turn it up fairly loud and then turn the volume output on the sub to nearly max. Then it suddenly comes on with lots of thumping base. I then turn it back down to normal setting and it will operate as it should. Sounds like the main board in the sub is going out.

    Can I just replace it with an aftermarket. I do not know if Polk will warranty it since it is so old and I already replaced the woofer.

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    Sounds like the same problem to me...
    The Auto turn-on function on many subwoofers require a certain voltage to be seen to click into action. Many times if the sub pre-out is being used with 2 channel sources the voltage becomes dependent on the volume of the reciever. So at lower volumes the voltage is lower and the sub still thinks there is no signal. This becomes especially problematic in recievers where you are running your front speakers as "Large" .
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