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    Default what model of Polk sub-woofer is this?

    Does anybody recognize this Polk powered sub-woofer? It's up for sale on an online classified ad board for $80.00, and I'm in the market for a sub. So I'd like to know the model number, year of production and anybody's opinion on what I can expect from this speaker. Any help/advice would be appreciated. The seller says it's an 8" powered subwoofer with 100 Watt Output.

    I also found another ad for Polk Audio PSW10 for $100.00

    Which is better? I currently have a pair of RTi4's, with a new pair of R50's on the way.
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    Most likely a PSW250 -
    It will match with your RTi4's nicely.
    I'd go with the PSW10 all else being equal - a bigger cone will move more air.
    The R50's are a step backwards IMO.
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    go with the PSW 10 it appears to be a better subwoofer.

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