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    Default DSW micropro 4000

    I am looking into getting a new sub for my HT/music room and I was wondering if Polks new micropro 4000 is any good for the money. I can get it for around $1000 off the Internet . How does it compare to other $1000+ subs.

    If this is not the way to go please direct me in the right path. I am currently running Polks Dsw 600 and I am looking for a little more.

    Oh I forgot my budget is $1500


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    If you're going for a 2 channel sub in a medium to small room, I'd think it would be a great solution per Raife's review. If you want more and don't mind size, then for $1K, I'd look at the Epik Castle...more output than the SVS PB13. Since I own a PB13, I'd recommend it for any application, but it's at the top of your budget...a very musical sub with mega output and a ton of tuning options. Both of these subs take up at least 4 of the Polk's footprint.

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    sound is good, but HT use is a bit lacking.
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