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    Default PE speaker gasket tape, working a little too well

    In my custom Tannoy cabs, I had a square cut out for the original L-Pad/crossover. Now that I went external and point to point, there's no need for that box to be there anymore, so I made covers to go over the old holes. I made them removable to make it easy to play with different amounts of polyfill, but if I torque the covers down, the speaker gasket tape adheres to both sides. I had to use a piece of wood and a mallet to remove them today. Any suggestions on what I could use on the cabinet to prevent the tape from adhering to it? Or should I just go to home depot and pick up some cheap weatherstripping?

    On another note, I started my first veneer job today. So far, so good. I must say, it's easier than I thought it would be. It's just a little scary laying the sheets down and knowing there's no room for error when using contact cement.
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    I looked at the weather stripping, but found it to be too thick. As for the speaker gasket sticking I don't know. Madisound have something different?
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    I bought some 1/16" neoprene gasket material from Mcmaster-Carr for my single driver speakers I just built. Seemed to work pretty well, no leaks. I think a 12"x12" sheet was less then $5. They have all different thicknesses and sizes, too.

    Can't link directly to the page, but the item # is 8525T31.

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