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Thread: Polk Store

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    Default Polk Store

    I remember when there was a "store" where you could buy OEM Polk parts like drivers etc. They were listed by model. I can't seem to find that anymore. Does it still exist? Thanks in advance.


    System: MF Trivista SACD > Placette passive> CJ passive horizontal bi-amp> MF 2500A(LF) MF2100(HF) > 1.2TL's

    Other: Speltz silver Eichmann IC's & speaker wire, Econotweaks Detail Magnifiers, PS Audio P-300(source), R. Gray 600, Al Sekala's AC R/C filters, R. Gray HT PC's, Oyaide R-1's,WPC-Z , M-1, Herbie's & DIY Isolation
    Room: Qty 7 - 4' tall 18" diam. bass traps, Qty 4 - 4' X 2' X 4" panels. All DIY - man my wife is tolerant!

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    I would surf that page as well, but it looks like they took it down for some reason. The message there now is just to call Polk CS and order over the phone.

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    I have had good experiences with Polk customer service - courteous and helpful - even patient.

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