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    Default Are Dolby Digital/DTS Decoders "standard" across components?

    Is there a difference in how certain sources do Dolby Digital/DTS decoding or is DD/DTS decoding standard across all components (as far as quality goes)? Just wondering if there would be a difference in letting a low-end versus a high-end receiver do the decoding of those signals...

    In case you're curious, the reason that I'm wondering is because my current DVD Player (Denon 2200) seems to have much better DACs than my receiver does for music, so I was just wondering if maybe it would be better to let the receiver do the decoding for movies as well?

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    If your DVD player will decode DTS and DD, connect it to your receiver both with the direct 6 channel inputs as well as the digital input and toggle between the two to see if you can tell a difference. You very well may not hear a difference with HT as you can with 2-channel.
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