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    Default A year after he passed

    Listening to a 1972 version of La Boheme with The Voice, Mirelle Freni, Elizabeth Harwood, Herbert von K & der Berliner....before Pavarotti really developed his inimitable, signature "whatever". Just this bright, brash, amazing trumpet of a tenor voice.
    My, oh my.....

    Looks up, room deserted.

    Guys? Hey, guys, wait! Hey, wait, really. I like Pink Floyd too! And, and, uh, Dead can Dance. yeah. And, and, uh, The Eagles, love 'em!

    Room still deserted. :(


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    Tenors often don't age well (in my phenomenally ill-informed opinion), and Luciano became a caricature of himself as time wore on. He was certainly powerful in the 1970s, though.
    all the best,

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