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Thread: best sq 4ch amp

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    Default best sq 4ch amp

    Hey guys i was just wondering what you all thought was the best sq 4ch amp. Also dose anyone have any experence with the pioneer prs-a900 amp, deh-p800prs hu, or the ts-c720prs speakers in refrence to how they sound and what they compare to?

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    for what speakers?
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    i was asking in general
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    audisson, helix maybe?
    im not sure, its just a thought
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    Any amp that cleanly makes the amount of power needed for the set of speakers you are running without frying or inducing noise.
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    Default deh p800prs


    Cant comment the pioneer amp or speakers, however I upgraded my HU from the pioneer deh-p7950 (In India) to the 800prs 3-4 days ago. My comments:

    1. The unit has a higher preout of 5V amd plays louder and clearer.

    2. Took me abt 14-15 hours of fiddling to figure things out :o....but then I'm a technical dodo, dimwit etc.......

    3. The unit is definately a step up from my last unit. I love the 16 band eq (up from the 7 band on the last one)which you can tune for the left and right chanels independently. It really brigs out the full potential of the momo components and the momo 6x9's.

    4. The unit also offers time alignment. My jury is still out on this. Basically TA brings the sound on axis so that the music sound the same where ever you sit in the car. Thats the upside. The down side is that in doing so, the sound gets attenuated and you lose out on some mid and high frequencies and you're constantly trying to dial them back in with the eq, compression options etc etc.

    5. If you hook this unit to an amp there is an option to disconnect the internal amp of the HU. Technically this should help.

    6. FM chanels seem to be an issue. The FM reception with my old unit was much better. Signals were stronger and reception clearer. It could be a wiring issue by the installer or then this unit has a lower FM sensitivity than my older unit. But then I hardly listen to FM since SQ from CD's is so much better. :)

    About sums it up for now. So would I recomend the unit, yes.
    My setup:

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    I have the Pioneer Premier C720PRS comps and they are excellent SQ and very high quality build. I actually settled for those after I couldn't get the SR6500s here in Barbados. To me they sound fuller than the JL XRs and my old MB Quart Premiums. However the Premiums had better imaging/staging. For their price id say they can't be beat. After hearing mine my installer went and got the D-Series Premier comps which also sounded excellent. Actually almost as good as mine. He also uses the Premier 800PRS HU - changed from his Alpine HU and he is really liking it. Another friend of mine changed out his Premier 880 HU for the newer 800PRS HU, don't think he can tell much of a different...he is using Polk Momo surrounds, 12" SR sub, cant remember the amps atm.

    I am using an Eclipse cda8545 HU which I love but when my new car arrives I am between the newer Eclipse 7200MKII or the Premier 800PRS HU. For the price I might just go with the Premier HU although the Eclipse has a few more features.

    In terms of high end amps... I love the Zapco C2K series. McIntosh and Tru Technologies amps are sweet too. But for those who aren't willing to spend that kind of money there is always JL Audio Slash/2 (not sure how good the HD series is yet) and Crossfire XP (although i kinda liked my VR series a little better). USAmps AX series is great and of course the older PPI PC/PCX amps are some of the best sounding amps Ive ever heard. If I had a choice id pick the Zapco C2K and then the PPI PCX.

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