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    Default AudioControl LC6i Wiring help

    Ok so from what I have been told the Audio Control LC6i should let me use my 4ch and mono amp with the stock head unit. I am getting some clean sound out of the 4ch but the subs are not playing at all.

    What is supposed to go into that 3rd input. From what I read the 2nd input will feed the 3rd if there is nothing wired into it.

    Any suggestions on where I might have gone wrong
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    Dunno. Never worked with one. But make sure that the unit doesn't have a switch that needs to be flipped. Also, are you sure it's the unit and not a problem with your subs or sub amp?
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    I will try testing the subs. Not exaclty sure what I did wrong.

    Am i supposed to use all 4 terminals on the PA600.1 or can I just use one set of +-. And if so will it effect the ohm load?
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    Those terminals are bridged internally, so it doesn't matter if you just use two, or use all of them.

    I'm not familiar enough with that AC unit to help you troubleshoot via the internet, but you can try putting the RCA from your sub amp into one of the outputs on your LC6i unit that you know are working to ensure it is not an amplifier problem.
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