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    Default Speaker stands seem to have solved my "EAR ACHE" program.

    I got myself two pairs of SANUS's 26"-Ultimate Speaker Foundations for my front and rear surround LSi9's. They were expensive, but they look great- sturdy and heavy; and it is good for up to 35 lbs. Previously, I was using Omnimount speaker stands that were built for medium-sized speakers up to 25 lbs. Weighing 33 lbs, LSi9's needed a little sturdier stands. I think my ear ache problem has disappeared. I will have to watch some more movies, and see if it has really solved my ear fatigueness problem that has been bothering me for so long.

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    Very good pick and is very sharp looking
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    I hope the stands help out. Keep us posted on how it works out. You did a lot on your HT set up awhile back and it should not hurt your ears unless of course you have it turned up to 11! Did you ever get a hearing test?
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