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    Default PSW10 thumping noises

    I have had my system set for about two months now with no issues. Just lately within the last week and a half or so, we will hear the SW make a thumping kind of noise. Its random, and I really never know when its going to happen. I have *two RtiA1's-fronts
    *two RitA1's-surronds
    These are conncected to a Denon 3803CI reciever. I have my sub connected with an RCI cable. I have it on LFE. The crossover is set at 60 and the speakers are set to 'small'. On the back of the SW, I have the volume at the middle, auto, low pass 90, phase 0. I'm not sure what these settings are supposed to be on the back, this is just what it was set at when I took it out of the box. any help is appreciated. thanks

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    I've had this happen in LFE mode on a Polk sub as well; double check your interconnect for good, solid connections. Locking interconnects help.
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