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    Default Why is this happening....

    Dear Polk Guru's,

    Current system installed in my car iis as follows:

    HU Pioneer DEH p800
    Front : MMC 6500 components
    Rear : MMC 690 6x9
    Amp : pa 500.4

    I have the 6x9 running full range with gain set at 12'oclock and the momos upfront on hpf at 80 hz with bass boost on gain set at 2pm.

    I have the following issues questions:

    1. The momo comps were originally at the back and they sounded much sweeter when you heard them from the back seat. However they sounded flat upfront in the driving seat. Hence I switched them to the front and put the 6x9 at the back. The momo comps have lost the sweetness

    2. With the volume on 0 when I start the car there is a soft popping sound and I can hear the engine whine thru the speakers. This is prob a wiring problem.........

    3. I have read a lot about time alignment and how that contributes to SQ. With the existing set up how much would Improve the SQ if I upgraded the HU to Pioneer deh p880prs which has both the time alignment as well as a 16 band eq and you can eq left and right seperately

    Thanks in Advance


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    Where did you place the tweeters for the 6500's?

    I would check your grounds to see if one is loose. Could be why you get a buzz and pop.

    You should also try running your power and inputs as far apart as possible. You can get bleed if they are too close.

    What kind of car?? Chrysler?
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    1. Tweeters in stock location, at the base of the A pillar on front door.

    2. Car is a ford fiesta (am in India) its a cousin of the fusion.

    Will upgrade of the HU give better sq?

    Tks for responding

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    Its possible the reason you liked em better in the back was that the tweeter wasnt hitting you square in the face like it is now.

    First off, turn the gain down. 2:00 is too high. No higher than noon, if that. Mine is at 10:00.

    Next, turn the tweeter's attenuator down -6 and see what that sounds like.

    Getting a head unit with TA and excellent EQ is an OUTSTANDING way to improve your SQ.
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    Hi Macleod,

    Thanks for your inputs. Here is what I did;

    1. Turned the gains down to 12 for the momo comps and 11 for the 6x9 at the back.

    2. Attenuated the crossover on momos to -6

    3. Changed the HU to a Pioneer DEH-p80prs. The head unit offers TA and a 16 band eq wherein you can eq each speaker seperately. I compared the pioneer with the alpine 9887 and chose the pioneer becoz it played louder & cleaner (pioneer has a pre amp output of 5v compared to 4 v for the alpine, this could be one reason) and the remote function layout was simmilar to my old pioneer unit. :o

    Initial reaction :

    1. It will take me a good week to 10 days to figure out how to use the HU. There are so many fuctions, possible individual settings etc etc

    2. The sound is louder and cleaner even as a start.

    3. The Momo are singing again :)

    4. Used the factory settings of TA and what it does is to bring the sound in the drivers seat on axis. Normally I would have to sit between the front seats (ouch) to get this sound quality.

    Question: Which is the correct sequence for tuning the sound?

    1. TA--->EQ--->Bass boost / BMX / Comp if required
    2. TA---> bass bost/bmx/comp---> eq

    Lessons learnt over the last 12 months on the sq chase:

    1. ou have to enjoy the journey the end is elusive :)

    2. It is addictive and EXPENSIVE

    3. Wifes car gets upgraded for free everytime I upgrade :D lol

    4. I wish I had opted for 2 momo comps with a sub as I feel this would have given a cleaner sweeter sound, I didnt becoz it was more expensive. With the 6x9 I have enough bass but the 6x9 lack the comp's clarity and personal opinion.

    5. I can only dream about what the SR series would sound like........I'm not going to have the USD 2250 spare for a long while (in local currency) to do the final upgrade to 2 SR 6500 plus a SR sub and mono amp......till then I'm enjoying the journey :)

    I enjoy reading your posts and comments and often wonder what the SQ in your car would be like :)

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