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    Default Single wedge floor monitor

    I help a local kj (I'm her 'puter guy, NOT her electronics guy, so I'm in a bit over my head here. BTW, hers is a shoestring operation so cost IS a factor.)
    Anyway, shes getting a new 2500w amp and she'll be driving two sets of speakers and a single unpowered floor monitor. I'm thinking we can run 1/4" cables out of her #2 left & right speakers into a 1/4" mono splitter then into her floor monitor. I know it would be best to get another monitor but the amp alone is breaking the budget. Is this going to work or will bridging the two channels with the splitter screw up the amp, create unwanted noise or rip a hole in the fabric of the universe thus ending life as we know it?

    Thanks :-)

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    I would not advise doing that. Running the two channels into one source will not be good for that amp at all.

    She should run the monitor on one side or the other with one of the speakers. This will not be mono so she will only be able to monitor one side either left or right but it will be better for the amplifier. You should be able to daisy chain the output from one speaker to the other. She will have to set the levels on the amplifier to match the main speakers to each other.
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    Thanks Joe.
    That's the way we are doing it now (only using one channel to power the monitor, that is). I was just trying to give the singer a more realistic feedback. The new amp has both Speakon outputs for the left & right channels and two sets of posts for bridged mode. I've considered using the bridged mode for the monitor but: 1) I'm not sure I should use both the stereo and bridged outputs at the same time and 2) The added wattage of the bridged mode would probably send the floor monitor the the great speaker resting place in the sky.
    Thanks again.

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    Speaking of floor monitors, can anyone tell me what was the model for the Polk gaming monitors out about 3 or 4 years ago. I am looking for inexpensive powered monitors for a Yamaha keyboard and thought they might do the trick if I could still happen to find some. Can't seem to find the model anywhere. Let me know if you remember what they were and tell me what you thought of them if you heard them. Thanks!

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