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    Default Niles controllers

    I am hooking up my sound system and have run into a problem. I have 2 LC80I speakers I am hooking up on zone 2 of an Onkyo 805 receiver. I built a new house and Niles volume controllers were used (by the builders audio guy)for the zone 2 areas i want to install speakers into. After installing the speakers and wiring to my receiver, I tried it out only to be very disappointed in the sound quality. Sounded like a bad FM static reception (not horrible but noticeable). You can imagine my disappointment after researching and putting quite a bit of money into my system. I tried several things to diagnose the problem and finally bypassed the Niles in wall controller. The sound quality improved quite a bit. This is good, however, I need the wall controllers in my house. are the Niles a low quality controller? I did try switching out with another in wall controller in the house with the same result. Is there something I am missing here?

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    What were the the settings on the volume control set at? 1x,2x,4x etc. How many speakers do you have hooked up? Are you using a speaker selector box?

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