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    Default Large means what? Soundbar / Onkyo Speaker setup problems

    I need some terminology help. My Onkyo 605 AVR Speaker configuration screen does not use Large and Small terminology, but rather allows me to select frequency crossover settings in Hz. So does Large mean high Hz, or low Hz??? I am supposed to select one of the following settings for front,center,surround,surround back,LPF OF LFE:

    Full Band
    40 Hz
    60 Hz
    80 Hz
    100 Hz
    120 Hz
    150 Hz
    200 Hz

    Could use some help.

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    Default Reply

    I usually set my speakers crossover btw 80-100. I let me sub catch everything below that. I am no expert but i was always taught to have your sub crossover set to where your speaker crossover stop. Typically you dont want too much bass coming out of your speakers. I have an onkyo 6.1(see my system rdb2001, in my bedroom), I cross them over at 100 and they sound great. Hope that helps

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    large would be 40Hz and small would be 200Hz at least in mine it's that way.. i'm sure 40Hz would be similar in all receivers crossovers.

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    From the Polk instructions, they want you to set the surround bar to LARGE. I'm guessing the surround bar has it's own built in crossover. If that's the case I'd set the receiver to FULL BAND, to be on the safe side select 80 or 100. LARGE usually denotes that their is no crossover settings, playing the full range spectrum. Many receivers like yours, you can select a crossover point.

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    Looks like FULL BAND is equivalent to LARGE on that receiver. Anything from 40Hz upward would be equivalent to selecting small (40Hz would be for large bookshelf speakers, or towers that do not go down lower than that at -3dB; 80Hz would be a standar bookshelf/small tower setting, etc ...). I agree with Mike: it sounds as though you are supposed to choose FULL BAND for the Surround Bar, but you could ask C/S via chat, e-mail or phone if you want to be certain.

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