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    Cool The end of traditional speakers as we know it? Plus a few other interesting things

    I saw a thread on here titled "The end of the internet" and it got me thinking about something I read about last year. Wonder if this will materialiaze or be implemented in future speakers,hmmmm, only time will tell I suppose. Also, a few other cool things you all might like.

    Liquid Speakers:

    I thought you all might like this would really add a new level of visualization while listening to music. First the video then the technology behind it.

    A blast from the past (literally,lol):

    Invisible sound cards:

    A loudspeaker you don't see everyday if ever:

    Hmmm, all I have to say is REALLY????

    Gotta have something nobody else has?

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    Exit 5 on the Jersey Turnpike


    I have enough traditional speakers to serenade the glaciers if they come waltzing this way again. That stuff doesn't apply to this house.

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    That second one is practically an endorsement to do acid . . . "drop a few and you'll be successful!"

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