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    Default pre-out to subwoofer connection

    I just purchased a used Onkyo TX-SR703 home theater receiver. The pre-out section of the receiver has only one RCA connector for the subwoofer, whereas the the line level input on my Polk PSW250 has both right and left RCA inputs. How do I connect ?

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    I will try to confuse you more............Go ahead and use either one. I think I recall somewhere that the left is the "correct" side to use for a single connection. Some use a splitter or "Y" too, as it gives a 3 dB increase in gain at a given setting but no headroom increase from the amp. The stereo inputs are there for those that may have stereo sub outs, but as you know they are summed into one channel anyway with a single speaker.

    Confused now?

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    It'd as clear as mud, but it covers the ground. Maybe the "Y" splitter is the way to go. Thanks for the reply. Anybody else?

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    If you connect a cable from the LFE out to your subwoofer right or left inputs you need to make sure you do a couple of things.....

    1) You can plug the cable into the right or left jack it does not matter. If you get a Y cable (2 male to one female end) you can plug it into both.

    2) Turn the crossover on your sub all the way up as high as it will go. (not the volume, the crossover)

    3) play some bass heavy music that you like and adjust the volume of the sub so it mixes well with the rest of your system. (an SPL meter from Radio Shack is best, but if you don't have one - this is not a bad substitute.

    Thats it - play some music and or movies and have a good time.

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