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    Default Got my RTA 8Ts Back!

    The friend whom I sold these to has a wife who doesn't appreciate vintage Polk speakers like he does.

    He just bought a pair of Mirage M490s (which sound frickin' sweet by the way) off Craigs List. So after getting a 12 pack of Becks Octoberfest, that he bought, I gave him his money back and I got the Polks back.

    I am actually happy. I have had these speakers for 22yrs. Not sure what I will do with them now. One thing I do know is that I won't try to sell them again on Craigs List. I was asking 175 for the pair and got stupid low offers. One dude offered 20 bucks! Seriously, I wanted to punch someone!

    I think it's different is you luck into speakers that someone has undervalued to get rid of them, but to offer a stupid price is idiotic. I actually felt embarrassed for some of these guys.
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    No different from Kijiji up north here... LOTS of lowballers.

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