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Thread: Ethanol?

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    Default Ethanol?


    I should have used the search feature prior to posting...
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    It's not true. But then there are 2 sides to every story.

    Producing ethanol in very large quantities has a huge impact on the environment and the website you posted doesn't seem to take that into account.

    Coal is cheap as a resource, it's the impact it can have on the environment that makes it so detrimental and costly in the long run.

    Of course this is just one aspect of using ethanol. Most automobiles aren't/weren't designed to run on pure alcohol so it can/does harm internal parts on current cars. The cost to convert automobiles.........anything that runs on gasoline isn't taken into account either.

    Ethanol is not the solution to our problems. Using it as a light additive like we have been seems to be the limit of what we could use and still SAVE in the long run.

    That's my simplified .02c on the subject and really............why are you asking? Seems this could turn into a hot button/political issue. Which serves no purpose

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    Just to let y'all in on little secret- ethanol requires crops. And guess what happens to crops during a DROUGHT?!!! The reason I know this is, the 2nd harvest this year of corn, at least in S.C. didn't make it.
    If we start relying on corn as our sole fuel source, then the speculators are gonna do the same thing they did this year, and in the past.
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    Has nobody noticed the effect the ethanol push has had on food prices? The higher cost of food is probably worse now than the higher price of gas. In any case, also worthy of note is the significant difference in fuel economy when using ethanol. I would probably be more in favor of new technology that gets rid of the need for foreign oil completely, or unpopular sources of domestic oil.

    LPG or CNG seem like better solutions in the short term than ethanol, but I'm no expert on the subject, just curious that we don't know how to fix this mess yet.

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    We need to drill! Let the free markets do their thing.

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    What we need to do is invest in finding a renewable resource which isn't going to have costly side effects like ethanol so we can ween ourselves off oil.
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    Ethanol is good! I don't really care if you city dwellers have to pay $12 for a box of corn flakes and $20 per pound for steak. It's time you all contributed to paying off my farm

    Of course as soon as the farm is paid off I'll be b&tching about the same things as stated above ;)
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