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    Default Subs stopped working.

    hey guys im new to this forum and i hope you guys can help me out.

    right now im playing 2 12' MTX subs powered by a 760w Pioneer AMP, Hooked up to my Kenwood CD deck.

    i bought this set up from my friend for $325. they have been working great untill 5 days ago when i was driving home and the subs just quit working.

    i got home checked all the wiring, tightened the connections ect ect. they started to work again after that.

    the following morning on my way to school they once again stopped working.

    i have now found that when my radio is turned down to volume level 5 or below the subs will work, but any louder and the they will come in and out or just not work at all.

    so if u guys know what my problem is or some steps to find one, that would be awesome.

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    Is there a possibility your wiring has been cut somewhere?
    What are your gain settings?
    Are the protect lights on the amp lit up?
    Are the two subs being run off separate channels or wired together? Maybe the amp is incapable of handling a 2 ohm load at the volumes you are asking from it?

    Looking at your head unit, if the right side of the screen shows how you are running your EQ, you may want to run things flat. At least turn the bass down...

    BTW, where's your polk stuff?
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    Sounds like a bad ground/power connection somewhere.
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