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    Default RT800i vs RTi8...oh is $100 for a pair of RT800i a good deal?

    I currently have a set of Polk RTi8 but I've run across a deal on a set of RT800i for $100. I know it would be an injustice in my system but a set of floorstanding speakers would be nice for a set of surround speakers in a 7.1 setup plus I'd love the sound when I go into ext stereo mode. I would even consider moving my RTi8s to the rear if the RT800i has a better sound.

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    Don't know about the 800s, but I like my surrounds positioned higher, so I'm not a fan of towers in a surround role. Some folks have done it, though, and are happy. YMMV.
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    First and fore most the 800i's are completely worth 100 bucks they retail for 800.00 so thats a no brainer and they are nice sounding speakers.

    They would blend in quite well with your current system. The newer RTi8's are slighty better then the older i series but the i series was an improvement over the original 800's. Better tweeter and crossover. The blue driver has no sound quality difference as far as I know.
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    Definitely a great price. They're a nice speaker, I prefer the Rti8's but they can hold their own and would be more than enough for surrounds.
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