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Thread: Rti12 or Rti9?

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    Default Rti12 or Rti9?

    Whitch one of these is polks latest speaker/ and is one model better than the other?I shopping/help/thanks

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    Welcome to the Forum. :D

    FYI you should post your questions in a relevant forum area as opposed to the test area. ;)

    RTi12 was replaced by the RTiA9. They are very similar (possibly the same ??) except the cabinets are different (RTi12 is rectangular while the RTiA9's have curved sides. Its been said that the RTi12s can be a bit bright for music but great for HT. Some are saying that the RTiA9's sound better for music than the RTi12's (although I haven't had a chance to listen to the RTiA9's yet.
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    Both sound great and the rti a9 is the newer version. Both speakers are considered bright speakers and are great for HT. I would go with whichever is the cheapest.

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