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    Default New Install, Looking for a little advice

    First off- love the site. Grats to the mods and everyone for keeping a great community going.

    Now to my little issue, I am seeking advice on an existing install in my truck.

    Equipment already installed: Kole Audio Amplifier. I believe it is two channel, around 1000 RMS- I did a little research but the model number of the amp is not listed on the manufacturer's site and the reviews i read were sparse.

    One sealed (non-ported box) 2 X 12'' enclosure housing 2 X Kicker CVR 800 Watt subs. 4 Ohm dual layer voice

    Gear I would like to ADD to the current setup: I have a sealed box with 2 X 10'' Audiobahn 300 Watt subs. Not sure of the other specs- also searched and found little info that I could use. They are a part of the "Flame" series speakers.

    Now to my question: I would like to take the existing 2 X 12'' box and place one of the two audiobahn 10'' subs (preferably revered with those Uber cool flames visible, just for cool factor, may not even be possible) inside the box in the area not already taken by the two existing speakers.

    There are several issues here that I was lucky enough to learn about before I was forced to ask for pro help. I know that the box is not ported meaning if I want the speaker to face the opposite direction this could lead to problems- would still be cool if someone had an idea on how to do it. I know the box was made for two 12'' subs- meaning that if I wanted to add another ten inch sub I would have issues with the usable space to recreate sound. I also have heard that the speakers may not be compatible- I do not know the Ohm rating of the Audiobahns- but I have heard it is unwise to mix ohm/watt ratings.

    After all these issues I still would like to try this project. The Kole audio amp pushes the Kickers a LOT harder than my 750 Watt amp that I had pushing the 10''s therefore I know it is of higher RMS rating. As you can infer from this statement I do have the ability to add a distro block and just run th either 750 Watt amp to the speaker and use it's own housing, but again I would love to have all the equipment in one tight package.

    I think I have provided a sufficient image of what I am interested in. I know it's going to be a lot of work and I look forward to all criticism and tips you all may provide. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away, and thanks in advance for letting me solicit this great community seeking help.

    Let the games begin :D

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    welcome to the forum

    you may get more responses by posting this over at the car audio section of the forum (bottom section on forum homepage).

    again, welcome to the forum
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    My sincere apologies everyone- a noob mistake won't happen again. Will ATTEMPT to move this.

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    Until you get this moved Ill throw in my $.02

    First off Audiobahn is a joke of a brand. I dont even think theyre in business anymore because they put more effort into using chrome flames rather than quality products. They are quite honestly the laughing stock of car audio. Those Kickers are on the other hand very solid subs and it would be a shame to mix them with those stupid looking Audiobahns. Not knocking you dude, just saying. ;)

    Second, mixing different size subs is usually something Im not in favor of especially when theyre different brands. Theyll have different frequency responses and different efficiencies and can really muddy up your low end sound. So if youre looking for really good output with really good sound quality, stick with the 2 12" Kickers.

    If on the other hand you dont care about sound quality and just want it because it would look cool then youre going to have to build another box. You wont be able to use your current box. Reason being it will be too small. That box is built with enough air space to accomodate your Kicker subs and if you add another sub to the mix youre not going to have enough interior volume and it will choke off your output pretty good.
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    You hit what I was thinking exactly. I knew the volume of the box was going to cause an issue, I just did not know how bad an issue.

    After a lot more research I decided to buy two triangle boxes to place on either side of the Kickers and wire into a separate amp and distro block it up.

    Personally I love the audiobahns- They have taken a lot of abuse over the year or so that I have had them, always coming back for more. I guess maybe you just had a bad go with the company in the past but I felt the whole reason to throw them in the mix was simply to get better low LOW range sound that those 12''s just won't pick up.

    Again everyone, thanks for the help- I cannot figure out how to move this thread, so I am going to delete it in lieu and hope to make a go of it myself.

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