Hi there.

I bought a new car a couple of months ago and I have a question about it's audio equipement.

When I bought the car it was installed with a set of EXII series 2565. and I like to get some more detailed info about these as i'm at the point of building them into my car again. I replaced them for coaxial DLS speakers but they will move to the back as I found the filters of de EX'es wich i thought were missing haha. it sounds like crap without filters after I hooked them up to my amp. but its pretty good now!

I hooked my speakers up to a 55RMS p/c amp but the only info I can find about the 2565 is that there peak is at 180W. also, it seems like this model is a ghost version of the 2560 as that can be found on google but mine doesnt!
Is the 2565 any better than the 2560 and can it be compared to something that is sold nowadays? and what is the difference between the two. All I can see is some slightly other dimentions and a 5Hz lower end differance.

As they are not for sale anymore. what was the price difference between the two. (dutch ensurance needs to know for coverage)

Anyway, thanks the awnsers in advance.
Jeff from the netherlands.