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Thread: blown fuse

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    Unhappy blown fuse

    can somone tell me why my amp fuse kept burning out on me? i install a new wiring system from that day on everytime i insert the fuse into the fuse holder, it got blown up. wat can i do to correcdt his source of error.

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    if the fuse is blowing before you even turn the system on, then you have a bad short somewhere... trace your lines for kinks, screw punctures, etc etc.

    if the fuse is blowing once you turn on system on, you need to determine---

    1- if its the proper size fuse
    2- if the amp is damaged (or or other components on that line)
    3- if any capacitor you might have is damaged.
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    Unhappy blown fuse still not resolve

    i tried it with a different amp , same brand with lower wattage, and it works find, but the other ones, the fuse burn before the system is turned on. that means it is not the wiring problem and its is not the amp problem according the the previous threat becuse the system is not turn on.
    i really need an answert to this question, thanks

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