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    Default Whats all this xxxx about power conditioners ?

    I dont really believe that they are worth spending money on, but I was able to pick up Panamax 4300-EX for $50 bucks (at least it looks good). I thought that they are supposed to "help" me regulate/clean my voltage, but as I read a few threads here, it turns out people are saying they are bad for AMPs and AVRs........

    Whats up with that ? I have my Outlaw monoblocks and AVR plugged in there and subs are separate

    oh and no body is talking about cable/telephone/internet jacks. do people use them on their power conditioners ?
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    Power conditioners, as I'm sure you read about, can limit the current for an audio system. That can hamper the performance. I have had some power conditioners that make absolutely no difference whatsoever and others that really do help to clean up the sound. I haven't found one yet that will take dirty AC and completely clean it, so from what I have experienced....Dirty in = Dirty out. Now they do have , for example, a power re-generator which I have yet to try. From what I understand, these clean the AC and at least from what I have read/heard are not a current limiting unit. Search power re-generator or PS Audio to start getting your learn on if you wish.

    I have used the cable/telephone/internet jacks on the power conditioners before. Unfortunately when lightning did strike, I had already gotten rid of all of the A/V side of my rig. So, I personally don't know whether or not any of them protected my gear. When they were hooked up, I experienced issues with the internet when plugged up into the conditioner. When a service technician came to diagnose the issue, he spotted that I had the incoming line going through the conditioner and told me that was the problem. He disconnected it and I haven't had a problem with the internet for about 3 years.
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    I have a Panamax 5500EX, it is a Power Regenator. It stores energy in its Toroidal Transformer. If my system is pulling less than 4.0Amps then it will provide my system with 120Volts Constant.

    Before this unit I had a Panamax Max 1000+ which I bought because I lived in an apartment building at the time and you could hear and see (on my tv) the distortion that was coming from the dirty electricity.

    The 1000+ cleaned all of that dirt up. I could not see it (as snow) on my TV and what I was hearing was clean Sound.

    I have tried my system without the 5500 and it just doesn't sound the same, I think it sounds much better with it in the mix.

    I have had only one song at my full volume that has clipped the panamax. Ask anybody, I listen to my system very loud. and I have seen the protection over limit warning light on the Panamax come on only once.

    As per the telephone/data/coax connections, I don't use them, I tried with the coax but my cable modem at the time did not work while it was connected. So I just left it at that.

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    Thanks guys. I ended up pluging amps directly to wall and avr to high current outlet in conditioner. This setup should work. As far as data goes, I was skeptical about it to begin with and I am not going to use it.

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