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    Default Polk SDA-SRS and Parasound HCA-3500 Amp

    Hi guys,
    I am new to the Forum and your help will be most appreciated.I have bought SDA-SRS Speakers (ser #2130,#1133) and I'm thinking of amplification now.
    I came across Parasound HCA-3500 Ultra High Current Amp,120 amperes peak per channel,500 watt RMS x 2,damping factor more than 1000 at 20 Hz, anybody have any experience with this Amp for 2 channel system?I 'm vinyl guy.My concerns are:to select and size properly the Amp in order to have very deep bass even with lower volume,not to be blown away with first click of my volume control and have still good frequency response range with volume at good comfortable listening level. I'm planning to bi-wire the speakers , is this good idea or not?Any ideas about price range on above mentioned Amp?Or another recommendations regarding solid state amplification type and required power output I will be grateful for.Thanks for your time = Vadim

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    make sure that Parasound is common ground.
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    The HCA-3500 is a beast...but,it is a dual mono design.May be a problem with SDA's without an A-1 cable.

    Someone with more savy than myself will set you straight here pretty soon.

    The SDA's are happy to be bi-wired,or bi-amped...I used to drive a pair of 2.3 TL's with a Parasound HCA-1500A powering the mids and an HCA-1000A driving the tweeters.

    This proved to be a good como for me as the Para's have output controls to where you can "dial" in the power that can balance the sound as you like.
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    Dual mono design- how it will effect SDA's without an A-1 cable? can I get a little more about this?It means that SDA speakers not compatible with dual mono design Amp?It means that dual mono design is bad to have?What means A-1 cable?I have no clue,sorry.Thanks = Vadim.

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    It's a common ground amplifier and just fine to use on the SDA's.

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