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    Default 2nd sub and cable length question

    I'm toying with the idea of adding a 2nd sub and moving their locations around until I find an ideal spot. If I do this I'll have to move my YST from a front corner to behind the couches.

    If I do this and I use a 20 ft rca cable and y split it and add 2 five foot cables could I have a delay with bass since all of my speaker wire is between 10-15 ft long?

    I'm guessing at under 50 ft its probably not a huge deal but I just want to know. Also I was thinking if I got a sub I'd probably get a low end Hsu. Does anyone have any thoughts on Hsu subs or other subs like Velodyne in general? My Yamaha YST sub is ported and fairly weak, if I combine that with a decent sealed sub would this be a good combination?

    Sorry for all the questions.. thanks!

    Oh ya, anyone ever built sub enclosures themselves? I'm also toying with that idea but I have a feeling it would be over kill and I'd get crap results.

    My room is 12.5 ft by 20 ft and I use it for 70% music 30% movies.
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    Get rid of the Yamaha sub and get a good HSU sub. It would be a much better upgrade. IMHO.
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    Default k

    So, I'd love to go out and drop 600 on a HSU but I just can't see myself spending more on my sub than my receiver..

    I'm going to get a better receiver soon anyway and I don't want my system to double in cost over a month. Regardless.. I would like a decent HSU. Are there any resellers of HSU research?

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