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Thread: Amp Settings

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    Default Amp Settings

    I'm just curious what everybody has their 4 (or 2) channel amps for their mids and highs settings on (filters as well) and on their 1 channel mono amp settings (filters too). I'll start off with my current settings:

    4-Channel Amp: Alpine PDX-4.100:
    CH 1/2 - Gain-3:00, Filter-HP, Crossover-90Hz
    CH 3/4 - Gain-2:00, Filter-HP, Crossover-60Hz
    Input Channel - 3/4

    Mono Amp: Alpine PDX-1.1000
    Input Gain-1.0V-8.0V
    LP Filter-Believe it's on 75Hz but not sure
    Subsonic Filter-15Hz

    Now can anybody chime in with amplifier settings of their own? Also I'd like as much as criticism as u can dish out into what u think everything should be. My front speakers Best Buy hooked up and I dunno what they set my components crossover to. That's the only thing I feel that's holding me back from dailing in my system perfectly.

    My equipment is:

    Alpine CDA-9831 CD Deck
    Boston Acoustics Pro60 Front Components (Kick Panels)
    Polk Audio db690 6"x9"
    Boston Acoustics S45 4"
    Boston Acoustics SPG555SS GTuned Subwoofer

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshParsons84 View Post
    CH 3/4 -
    Yikes! Turn those down son before you start ripping stuff apart!

    As for my settings:

    Tweeters cut off at 5 KHz @ 12db/octave. Level at -4
    Mids low passed at 5 KHz @ 24 db/octave and high passed at 40 Hz @ 30 db/oct. Level at -0
    Sub cut off at 40 @ 30 db/octave for SQ competitions and 80 @ 24 db/octave for heavy metal/daily driving. Level at -0.

    Amp gains set at 1/4
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