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    Default How Important Are Matching Series?

    Hello...First time poster here. I just purchased the RTI A6 center and I love it. I'm saving my $$ and trying to convince my wife that the RTI A9's are next on my list, but what about the surrounds? I have a 7.1 system and obviously the FXI A6's would be on my list, but would it sound any different if stepped up & bought the LSIFX surrounds instead, or should I just stick with the RTI series?

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    No reason to buy LSiFX if your fronts are RTi, unless of course you plan on going all LSi

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    I agree - surrounds are the least important to match (but it is still recommended), there is no reason to jump up a series for the surrounds. If you are going to spend more on the higher series, do it on the front speakers, not the rear ones.
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    ^Nailed it right on the head^
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    LSiFX's sides
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    Sony ES 3000 pre/pro
    SVS 2039 PC Plus sub 12.3 (16hz tune)
    Signal and Audioquest ic's
    12 awg monster speaker-cable (bi-wired)
    Belkin PF60 power conditioner
    Monster power conditioner for sub

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