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Thread: Rm-1000w

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    Default Rm-1000w

    Hi my first post I need help, recently buy a RM-1000W passive subwoofer, my av receiver is a sony 85w p channel subwoofer amplified out and passive out, I connect my polk RM-1000W to the amplified out and nothing happens, the signal is there but is weak not movement in the outside cone but the interior 6.5 barely moves what I can do? a more powerful receiver? a external amplifier for the woofer? I have a sony explode 12" connected to the sony a/v and hit awesome what happened to the polk? any diagrams for the correct wiring? thanks for read this.

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    This sub needs to be connected at speaker level or "passive out" on your receiver. The way you have it connected is for a power sub. Hope this helps.
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    thanks for the response, newbie here :) any diagram could help me, my av receiver have 2 outs for subwoofer:

    one amplified out type clip of 85w

    one subwoofer out (rca type)

    I try the clip type and the 85w dont move the RM-1000W, my av is 6 0hms

    I need more power?
    suggestions please?

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    He is also looking for a users manual for the RM1000.

    PM'd me but I looked everywhere NADA.

    Maybe 1000+ eyes are better than 2?

    Maybe someone can help??

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    Try hooking the RM1000 in parallel with the main front L and R speakers following this diagram: If you have only one RM1000, ignore the blue binding post.
    -Polk Audio

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    Thumbs up

    thanks for your help now this little plays ok!

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