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    Default Which one would you pick?

    hey guys, I recently decided I am going to upgrade the system in my 97 pathfinder. I have decided on the speakers (Polk MM6501 components and MM651 coaxials) the subs (Kicker 07DCVR12) and the amps (JL Audio 450/4 and kicker z750.1). I also plan on dynamating the hell out of the car

    now, where I am stuck on is the headunit. I have two in mind, either the Nakamichi cd400 or the alpine cda 9887. Ive heard amazing things bout the nak's sq but have heard that the alpine's tuning abilities are great too.

    so, i expect the posters here know much more bout car audio than i do so any advice or opinion would be greatly appreciated

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    With Nak they sound great on great speakers with a great setup, but there is nothing but bass, mid and treble, where as the Alpine gives you more options for adjustments to try to compensate for a not so perfect situation and still get good sound.

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    Without a doubt Id get the Alpine. Both the Nak and the Alpine are going to be excellent head units and there wont be a SQ difference between them other than the tuning and its in that department where the Alpine kicks ass. The best time alignment feature this side of the H701, an excellent variable crossover and while a 5 band parametric EQ isnt the most comprehensive, it is enough when combined with the crossover and TA, to get things sounding very good.

    I used the 9887's older brother, the 9855, back in 2006 when I competed for the first time. I had no outside processor either. Just the 9855 and all its features which are the same as the 9877 and it performed great for me.
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