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    Default Mixing VM series speakers

    I'd like to set up my 7.1 home theater using Polk VM series speakers. How much mixing/matching can happen within the VM series? For example, I was considering the following:

    Center - VM10
    L/R - VM20
    4 speakers in the surround areas - all VM10
    Subwoofer - Undecided (and looking for advice)

    Will this type of configuration fly? Or should they really all be the VM10s for best performance? I'm open to suggestion. I'm a bit limited by space on the center speaker, as I've not found a good tv stand that will allow me to have a larger speaker and not have an eyesore in the room. Aesthetic is important (wife says so too). With the back speakers (not the surround ones), I'm also potentially limited as I may like these to sit on bookshelves rather than having stands back there for kids/animals to potentially knock over. But that's not set in stone.

    I'm thinking of a Denon AVR-3808CI to bring it all together.

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    Should sound great, everything is from the same series. Another VM20 would be a better match in the center, but since you're space limited the VM10 will be the next best choice.

    DSW microPRO really shines with VM series.
    -Polk Audio

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    Thanks, Eric. Would I be better served to just go with VM10s all around? Will the sound be lopsided with the two VM20s on L&R? My thinking in going with those for L/R was more to bolster the times when I want to listen to music, but if I would be better balanced to get all VM10s, then I'd rather go that route. Thoughts?

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    A vm20 for the center would be a better idea being that it does most of the work front stage.

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