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    Default CSI A6 vs A4 - when to go bigger?

    I'm currently finishing up rebuilding the home theater after IKE decided to dump 3ft of water in my house, nothing like an excuse to upgrade now! :)

    So I'm sitting here wondering to go with the bigger A6, or the A4. The reason I'm concerned is the living room is very large.


    My current setup as is follows:

    7.1 setup as is follows
    - Onkyo TX-SR806
    - Polk RTI A7 (front)
    - Polk RTI A3 (rear)
    - Polk RTI A3 (side)
    - Polk PSW-1000 (sub)

    Now I'm not sure really at what point you want to make the jump from the A4 to the A6? Can someone help me out here?

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    Right here.


    Get the bigger center; you won't be sorry.
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    With the size of your room, go with the CSiA6 - that's a no brainer
    Living Room:.................... Zone 2 (Workout Room):
    AVR - Yamaha RX-V757......JBL 4312 Pro Monitors
    Pre - Nak CA-5
    AMP - Adcom 555 (Main)
    Main - Polk RTI8**/RTiA5
    AMP - Adcom 545II (Center)
    Center - Polk CSiA4**
    Sub - Snell Basis 300:p......Zone 3 (Outside)
    CD - Yamaha CDC-555.......Def Tech AW5500
    TV - Pani TH-42PZ80U
    BR - LG BD390
    Monster HTS1600 Power Center
    Dedicated Circuit - (2) 20amp, (1) 15amp
    Ben's IC, Canare 4S11

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    Get the CSI A6. Bigger is better, at least that's what women say.

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    Polk Customer Service
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    Yes, go CAiA6- the 6.5" midbass drivers will perfectly match the 6.5" midbass driver from the RTiA7.
    -Polk Audio

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