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    Default Well-recorded organ music?

    Anyone have any suggestions? Nothing that'll put me to sleep, but stuff that really shows off the range of a pipe organ.
    Ludicrous gibs!

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    Yeah, but it is of the whizz-boom, audiophile variety (i.e., not the finest in perfomance):

    Crystal Clear Records put out two direct to disk (as in vinyl disk, not compact disc) LPs in the 1970s called Sonic Fireworks vol. 1 and 2. Vol. 2 has some impressive-sounding organ, including the opening of R. Strauss' tone poem Also Sprach Zarathustra featuring the big 16 Hz organ not (what is that, a 32-foot pipe?).

    Vol. 1 has a suitably bombastic version of Copeland's Fanfare for the Common Man (which IIRC was from his 3rd Symphony?). No organ, but lots of great booming percussion :-)
    all the best,

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    Virgil Fox performance at Carnegie Hall.
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