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    Default Paradigm Studio Monitor 20 bookshelf.

    well I started making my rounds in my new company, listening to all the awesome gear we have. Hell on a side note I discovered we have Revel... Damn I didn't know that and I felt my heart beat a little harder. I can't wait to sink my mitts into them... O hell yeah!!!!

    So back on track, I sat with one of the Installers favorite 1000.00 bookshelf speakers which we have on sale right now at 699.99. So we have them hooked up to a 2 channel NAD receiver. Man what great sounding bookshelf speakers. Nice top end and awesome midrange. They boomed a bit on the bottom end. I feel they would be better suited crossed over at around 80 hz and ran with a nice sub. This would complete the bookshelf experience. Thats how I felt about them as I listened. I directly compared them the Focal 807 bookshelf and the Focal out classed them with the top end. There tweeter is very very smooth and acurate. They also didn't boom, they controlled the bottom end much better then the Studio's. But they did lack the overall midrange of the Studio's had. The Studio's had depth in the sound stage where the Focal's played up front. I guess it's a preference thing at this point. I think also the Studio's needed to be port plugged as this is where the boom was coming from. I think bookshelf speakers should be sealed and not worry about trying to squeeze out the last note. Make them tighter. I like the Studio's even with the flaws compared to the Focals. The focals are 1099.00 so 100 bucks more retail to retail.

    Fit and finish on the the Studio's are very nice. Clean and very nice binding posts. Today I spec'd out a full 7 channel Studio system in a dedicated home theater room. I'm excited to get this job going.

    So bottom line is this, Paradigm makes some nice sounding speakers. I have heard them many times in the past and never got excited nor hated them. I find them to have a nice place in the audio world. I'm proud to work with them and get the chance to experience them in other rooms with another gear. This is the part of my life that I love.

    O by the way, did I tell you guys we got mad amount of wire??? **** people I'm gonna need help soon. Professional help. I can't be around so many brands of wire and not feel the need to start a crazy wire shootout. It's been awhile but it's going to happen soon. I can feel it when I look at the Kimber and cardos wires sitting there O looking so damn pretty. Then right next to them is Ixos all braided and waiting for me to plug them in. So then Audioquest gotta be just right to the left. Don't look to far and Vampire wire will be staring right back at yeah. Damn I could go on and on.....

    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.

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    Im jealous

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    A few years back when my wife was after me to get rid of my floor speakers and get something smaller, I looked at Paradigm bookshelfs and was impressed. My wife was not impressed with spending the money so I got to keep my RTA11TLs. But if I need bookshelfs in the future I'll strongly consider the Paradigms or build my own.

    Where do you work? (we really need a drool smiley)

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