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    Question New computer system hookup

    We just purchased an HP Pavilion Elite M9340F Desktop Computer. It has lots of inputs and outputs to do home theatre sorts of things. I also got a set of Polk home theatre speakers the RM6750 with a powered subwoofer, 4 satelites and a center speaker. My first question is can I hook up some of these speakers directly to the computer without a receiver? Right now I have an Altec Lansing subwoofer with 2 connected satelites pluged into the headphone jack on the front of the computer for sound. The front of the computer has right and left audio jacks as well and there are audio input and output jacks on the back as well as 3 sets of pin connector in and outs with speaker icons on the back. I'd like to wait and do more research before getting a receiver and take some time to accumulate more money to get a good one. I may be happy with what I've got for all I know. The computer has a TV tuner and I think an FM tuner as well. We have a small Ranch house and I want to place two of the satelites in the kitchen at the far end. The rest will be in the den with the computer which will be our media center. Can I connect the 4 satelites to the new subwoofer and then attach that directly to the computer? Can I attach the center speaker to one of the input output pin setups on the back of the computer even though it isn't powered?
    Also any suggestions for proper connectors or needed cables going to the computer? We will be happy with 2 channels for sound I think.

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    You have a lot of options. I don't think you will be able to hook up your Polks directly to your computer though. What you should do is find a nice 5.1 or 7.1 AVR. Until then, I would stick with your computer speakers.
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    You wont be able to hook them up without a receiver. But nonetheless, when you do a get a receiver, 99% of the computers on the market nowdays have a coax & optical input/output so you should be good to go once you get a receiver of your choice. That's how I have my home theater hooked up and it sounds superb. I def. prefer coax over optical for it. Optical wouldn't pick up when I was playing Bluray or anything Dolby Digital wise, but with Coax, when I put on a Dolby Digital or DTS movie, my receiver would automatically switch accordingly. That might just be my receiver though, not sure...

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    What do you sugest for a receiver? I'd like to have two channels but expect that would be expensive. We don't need high volumn or fancy sound. Thanks for input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    What do you sugest for a receiver? I'd like to have two channels but expect that would be expensive. We don't need high volumn or fancy sound. Thanks for input.

    Onkyo is a good manufacturer to look at. I have one in my system that I bought 4 or 5 years ago, it was $750

    But there are ones now for $300

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