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    Default New setup, AVR-254, Monitor 70s, 60s etc, Quiet!

    Hey guys,

    I just purchased a new setup, and I am very new to home theaters.

    What I have is a Harman Kardon AVR 254 running 7.1, with monitor 70s in the front, 60s for the sides, and 30s for the rear. I have a CSi25 for the center and a PSW10 for the sub. Maybe I went a little overboard on the speakers and the amp can't keep up with them, but it seems like it's really QUIET. I can nearly max out the volume and it's still not that loud. I would have figured it would be extremely loud near the peak volume... I also don't know how to get use out of the side and rear speakers without using stereo mode.. makes me feel stupid for getting 60s for the sides.

    But yeah I don't know a ton about this stuff, so it would be nice if you guys could analyze my setup and let me know what you think I could do.


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    Welcome to the Club.
    Aside from All Channel stereo, you could also get more use out of them with Surround concerts and such. DVD-Audio and SACD also have surround mixes that utilize the side channels as well. So there's still potential for their use.

    If you only use the main L & R channels for stereo-is it still hard to drive to a higher volume?

    Are there any settings in the AVR that might have been manually or automatically attenuated? Such as an Audyssey EQ (sorry I am not familair with that amp to know its capababilities).

    I have noticed this with my HT setup, which I believe is normal, is that 2 channel Stereo is louder then All-Channel stereo or Surround mixes.

    Oh and how big is your room? Have you ever had a system that has played loud enough?

    Oh yeah, you never want to max out the Volume on the AVR--that could lead to distortion /Clipping and potentially damage your speakers.
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    Hi cknoll3

    Welcome to club polk. HT is a good time, but it does take a little more perseverance then the High Fi systems of the past to get through the technical mumbo jumbo.

    couple questions:
    What is your source? - CD, cable box, DVD, blue ray.
    How is your source connected? analog (red, white and yellow RCA cables) or digital (COAX (orange), fiberoptic, HDMI)

    If you are just running an analog connection - then the sides, center and rear speakers will only make sound using a "simulated surround sound" setting.

    Your HK seems to be well liked amongst some here - I am sure that it is a simple setting somewhere and once you find it - all will be well. Let's see if we can't help you out.

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    Thanks for the responses guys.

    My room is not that big, maybe 12' x 15'. I haven't had a system in here previously, but I know this should sound louder than it does. We have a system upstairs in a huge living room with only 2 front speakers (smaller than my 70s or 60s) running stereo that is much louder than mine.

    Surround stereo runs a bit louder, and that's what I typically use just to get a "full" sound. In the non-stereo surround modes I often either get a lot of sound out of my center channel, or sound out of the front 70s, but never both.

    I run 3 sources mainly: My XBOX 360 to watch DVDs, my cable box (both of these are connected with HDMI), and I also run optical out of my PC to the receiver. The optical from my PC is by far the quietest, but I kind of expected that.

    Oh, one other question. Is 16 gauge wire sufficient for this setup? That's what I'm using
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    The wire ga can affect volume - but for runs under 20' - yours should be adequate - although you will have better quality with thicker wire.

    Have you tried using your EZset/EQ technology yet?
    If so - was your room completely quiet - no noise - refridgerator, Heat, AC, ceiling fan, computer fan - anything and everything must be off - and I even recommend holding your breath when the test tones are coming through the speakers.

    Next - is your X-box/cablebox output- HDMI v1.3a?

    Does your front panel indicate that your are receiving and outputting sound to the speakers you want to hear? Many times a mono-recording or analog recording coming through the digital connection can do weird things.

    Your AVR's manual suggests connecting sources both with HDMI and analog outputs in case your source doesn't convert the signal - this may have an impact.

    simple/stupid things: - is the DVD a 5.1 digital recording, is the mute button on, are the sources plugged into "inputs" on the AVR, is your speaker wire nicely/cleanly connected to your binding posts, are your HDMI connections tight?

    I'm off to cook some friends some dinner - but I will check back later or tomorrow.
    Good luck - don't give up - and keep reading the manual - you'll get there.

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