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    Default Lets play Build a system.

    What up people????

    Now that I work for a 2 channel and home theater shop which is a little different then where I came from. More like a small version of Soundex.I have been thinking lately and I'm wondering a few things. If you had to build a 2 channel system, what would you use and why. Why is very important.

    So here are the guide lines. Speakers have to be floor standing and under 4 grand. New prices not used. Tell me why you choose them. What moves you about them? What came close to these?Maybe even top 3. Preamp and amp have to match. Same company and under 5 grand new price. Again why did you choose these?
    Source can be Cd and Phono. 3 grand each or under. Wires. They can be balanced or Unbalanced. I prefer to use all the same company but if you choose to go with different brands, I want to know why you wouldn't choose the same line.
    Also a sub can be included. Under 3 grand. Power management and a dedicated line is standard. But if you have preferences on power cables and power blocks, centers I'm all ears.
    Furniture is optional. Room treatments can be a later thread as I feel this is very important to make this future system sound it's best. We also will explore placement and why to put them where they are. How far off the back wall and why.

    The key to this thread is to build a 2 channel system that moves you. When you sit and listen to your favorite music, you get involved. You emotionally connect yourself and get lost in the music, the moment. This is the very essence of 2 channel listening. A experience one can escape the real world and journey to another place or time. Feel for a minute and get in touch. Have fun.

    Lets hear about it boys and girls. Build me your system. I will work out mine

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