Unfortunately I won't be here, but this seems like a great opportunity to listen to some nice gear (the wine and finger food did not call my attention)

Any locals interested??

Morrow Audio in Independence, KY will have an audiophile get together on Sunday, December the 28th from 4:00 to ??. Everyone had a great time a few years ago and it is time for another one!

* Hear the latest series 3 cables as well as the Morrow Audio 300B1 Monoblocks in our new listening room. See many homemade room treatments, get ideas.

* Fine wine, beer, ect will be served as well as finger foods.

* Meet fellow audiophiles, make new friends!

Please RSVP by Thursday the 25th to our e-mail at morrowaudio@yahoo.com

Limit is 20 people.


1133 Casson Way
Independence, KY

Phone: 800-280-9167