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    Default Recommended way to drive pair of R50s?


    I recently received a pair of R50s as a gift but don't have a means of powering them. I want to use them strictly for music so I was considering running either SPDIF or lineout/headphone out from my laptop. To complicate matters I'm on a college budget, ~$100 so I think my options are severely limited. I have no problem going either refurbished or used, but don't know what I should look at. I've heard basic amp, given my intended use, is the way to go. Would something like this be too weak? Can anyone recommend anything?

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    Welcome to Club Polk. You could find good two channel receivers used for less than $100. Even some quality older 5.1 receivers will sell for that. I have an ten year old 5.1 Denon AVR-3200 which had an MSRP of $1,200 when released, and frequently sold for $1,000, but I can't imagine anyone paying more than $100 for it today, since it only has Dolby Digital, no DTS. Something like that would be perfect, and would allow you to expand (within limits) until you are ready to buy something completely new in a few years down the road. Try or, but the usual caution will apply.

    You can even find refurbished 5.1 receivers from the official harman/kardon store on eBay in the $150 range if you look hard (and long) enough. These will also have their limits, but will also allow you to expand when you're ready, and since costs will be relatively limited, you will not be sorry when the time comes to abandon them for something more up to date.

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    If you have an ipod or portable CD / MP3 player I'd suggest buying a Sonic Impact amplifier: LINK

    You may be able to find them on ebay too.

    This option leaves you money for cables. Try out BJC: LINK
    Better to have and not need than to need and not have!

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