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    Default Dakiom meltdown thread on AA

    Regardless of what you think of the man, his product and the like this is both disturbing and a little funny. It should serve as a caveat to buyers of his items. His Audiogon ad with this as a first paragraph should be a good warning by itself:

    """DakiOm products and DIYs are for music lovers only. Scammers/deluded audiophiles/wire-nuts please go away.
    We donít sell to scammers and fools who lie defending their pretense that their BS and delusions are to be respected not to be criticized. This pretense is typical snake oil propaganda to avoid verification and to make their snake oil respected. They should know that delusions and lies are the same."""

    Dammit Jim I'm an audiophile not a.................

    Here is the link to the AA thread. The issue is that the website says products can be returned for a full refund but it doesn't seem to be happening that way. The thread includes an email back and forth between the buyer and the company.


    As the thread says scroll to the bottom and read up to have proper chronological order.


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    LOL......I can just see the seller "explaining" their return policy to PayPal. :D

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    Their user interface is a disaster.
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    I tried to do a review of his products a few years ago, he gave me the excuse that Affordable$$Audio didn't match up to his target audience and that we wouldn't review it properly!
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