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    Default Quick resume question

    I've been with my company for over 4 years and am applying for an internal position. To do so, I must apply on our intranet and they require you submit an updated resume and cover letter. Well, I can't seem to find my resume so I will have to make one from scratch.

    With that, I'm curious how far back I should go into my work experience? I worked at Burger King for 2 years, then Circuit City for 5 years and finally the current job I'm in as a chemist. I don't see the Circuit City experience as being relevant to the job I want but I also don't want to omit it just in case they have an older copy of my resume that has it on there.

    I doubt this matters but I pretty much have the job. The guy hiring is a good friend of mine and also knows I'm extremely qualified for the job, and by far the most qualified for the job out of the internal applicants (been told this by many, so I can still call myself humble!). HR will be getting a copy of it and will more than likely pass it on to him. I will have to interview with him and HR before an offer is made.


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    It can't hurt. Even if they aren't really relevant to the job you're applying for, it still shows your work history, and shows that once you get a job you stick with it for the long term.
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    If you think it was on the original resume that HR has, include it on this one. Descrepancies and inconsistencies get the most attention in my experience. You want to fill all the gaps in employment history, no matter how trivial you think it is. Even the CC job shows motivation to work and is part of a progressive career and work history.
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    My sister was an HR mgr. and she told me 10 years is good. Since,(according to my math), you list 9 years work history, w/ BK, I'd include it. 3 jobs in 9 years shows a level of loyalty and work ethic.
    And good luck;)
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    I listed everything on mine just to fill in the dates. I'm thinking 10 years back sounds good if you are older, just so you don't make them think about you being too old, maybe.
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    The basic rule of thumb is 10 years unless it is relevant. I would omit BK and just use your last 9 years.
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