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    Default alpine type-r + pa500.4

    Ok, i need some help! i have a one alpine type-r (swr-1242d) and a polk audio pa500.4, at first i had my cab running at 2 ohms with my amp bridged and i was wondering my my sub kept cutting out when i turned up the volume, i thought have might be a bad ground connection but after looking through the manuals the amp was pushing out 4 ohms which is bad right? so the only other option was to run my cab at 8 ohms with my amp running at 4 ohms bridged. it fine, but i not getting the full power out of my sub!!! is this bad? is there a way to match up my sub and my amp and the same ohms?

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    I dont have a clue what youre talking about. Whats a cab?

    Im going to assume youre talking about running your front speakers off the front channels of the amp and then the sub off the rear channels bridged. If thats correct, then your amp will handle that. Its able to run at 4 ohms bridged on the rear and 4 ohms stereo on the front. The reason your amp is cutting out with the volume up is youve probably got the gain jacked sky high. Turn it down to BELOW HALFWAY, turn OFF any bass boost on the amp. Try that and see if it works.
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    Default help me please!

    ok i just have my sub running from my amp! but my sub is bi ampable 4 ohm sub(dvc). and at first i had my sub running on 2 ohms and my amp bridged which is putting out 4 ohms over powering my sub i guess so thats why it would cut out so i looked into it and that what i figured it out so no i have my sub running on 8 ohms because i have the two voice coils working together and my amp is still pushing out 4 ohms bridge i was wonder if that going to put to much stress on my amp and i also i was wonder if there was a why i can run my sub on 4 ohms to match up with amp? any suggestions????

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