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    Default MM1040 Specs on Site vs Retailer Specs

    So I noticed that on your site the rms rating for the dual voice coil and single voice coil speaker is the same and so is the sensitivity rating. But when I look on crutchfield the dual voice coil design has a lower rms rating (270 watts) and a lower sensitivity rating (86). If this is true in theory then the dual voice coil sub can't get as loud as the single voice coil version because it handles 80 watts less and it is 5 db less efficient.

    SVC rated at 350rms and sensitivity 91
    DVC rated at 270rms and sensitivity 86

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    If I get these I would get the dvc speakers wire them to a 4 ohm load and they would be getting a total of 750 watts (375 watts each). The subs are rated at 270 watts. I know the poor man's way of setting up an amp to avoid clipping through setting up the subs with a test tone and a DVM.

    There is a theory that as long as you aren't pushing your amp passed its limits and causing clipping you'll be okay.

    I've had subs with rms of 1,000 watts and powered them with 1,400 rms amps with no problems but maybe their rms ratings were modest?

    So all that being said will I be okay sending each sub 100 watts over its rms? Thanks :)

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    So long as you use common sense youll be fine. If youre not slamming on the volume with bass heavy music all the time - maxing out the gains to ensure clipping and paying attention to hear if the subs are being overdriven - you should have many years of subwoofer goodness.
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