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    Default 2 channel amp or mono amp for subs????

    Hi there....I am quite new to car systems and defi new to this board....Recently my big B gave me a human reign 2 channel amp which he purchased it a few years back.....What I need to know is that do I really need another mono amp for subs, does a mono amp really make that much of a diff when it comes to subs?????cuz I feel they are just 2 expensive.....Me big B claims that the amp which he gave me is good enough to do the trick for a layman like me......


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    If youre only going to be running a single subwoofer with a single voice coil then the 2 channel amp will work just fine. Mono amps arent any better or worse for subs, its just a matter of matching up wiring configurations. Mono amps can run down to 2 ohms mono and some at 1 ohm mono which virtually all 2 channel amps cannot. So if youre running a pair of sub youd want the mono amp.
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    Hey macleod thanx for the early tip.....Ummm apparently I would prefer to stick to one sub to keep things within the budget....the manual on the companys website says something like

    output power: @ 4 ohms = 450*2
    @ 2 ohms = 800*2
    Bridged: @ 4 ohms = 1600*1

    I dont know if I should be relying on these figs cuz my bros amp is 2-3 years old but is this what u mean????the only thing that i understand from here is that @ 4 ohms it gives an output of 450 in each channel @ 2 ohms 800 in each channel.....but this makes no sense to me when shopping for speakers but it does raise a doubt how do i get the perfect balance of output between component speakers and subs as subs can take more power and component speakers cant......does the impedance have to be constant on each channel or it can be different???

    BTW which component speakers would u rekon????looks to me like u r an alpine fan......i heard it in my frds car MUST SAY VERY SWEET SOUND....other brands like kenwood & rockford just toooo loud & harsh.....

    Thanks for the tip again,

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    I know I'm gonna get bashed for saying this but I LOVE my Boston Pro60's. They're loud and crystal clear. As far as Polk goes though the SR's are Polks top-o-the-line. But if you're thinking of a budget than the u get the MOMO's for an insane deal right now from Crutchfield for $129.99 but they're just not in stock right now. I'm also starting to hear good things about the Polk MM's also. The Alpine's I haven't heard but have been told the Type-X which is their top-of-the-line is only compariable to the MOMO's. The Rockford's aren't that great I have heard them. If I was u and budget was a must I'd go for the MM or the MOMO's. Good luck and stick around here there's a whole world of unbelievable knowledge to be learned! :)

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